Want to Do it Yourself?

For only $99 a credit counselor will develop your individualized plan focused on your goals, so you can do it yourself. We will email you a list of accounts which includes derogatory and active accounts.  Once you have this list we will contact you via phone, to help you understand your report information and the option(s) for improving your credit worthiness.   The credit counselor will also quote you the fee to retain Credit Team services to verify accounts in your credit reports, if this is appropriate.  Sometimes the consultation is all that is appropriate. 

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Option #2: Credit Restoration Services


*Unlimited and “advanced” disputes to all three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion, & Equifax)

*Standard first-class postage-Included


( Time expended on auditing your credit report

Time expended on consulting with you)

*Inquiry disputes with the original creditors

Private Portal

24/7 Access to your customized client tracking portal;

  • Track your credit scores.
  • Track all inaccurate items that are in dispute.
  • Track the status of these incorrect items.
  • Send and receive messages from our company.
  • Send documents to us.
  • Review educational material.
  • Send referrals to our company.


Unlimited telephone customer support;

Unlimited email customer support


We'll provide you with a host of additional resources and professionals to take you to the next step! Including Loan Officers, Realtors etc. 

"Our Goal is to help You reach your Goals"